The five villages of Cinque Terre are nestled into rocky coastal hillsides of the Italian Riviera. Over centuries these villages have been built up on steep cliff side terraces boasting healthy vineyards, lemon trees and other local agriculture. Don’t be fooled by the masses of tourists in these little Italian towns- the trails in Cinque Terre can be technical, rocky and steep. Nevertheless, there are walking paths suitable for all ability levels.

An abundance of hiking trails connect the five villages, ranging from ocean side paths to nearly vertical stone steps passing through vineyards, mountains and neighboring communities. It’s even possible to stop mid-hike for a glass of wine at an oceanside bar! If a wilderness experience is more of your taste, it’s easy to escape into the mountains to find solitude and excellent views of the surrounding terrain. At the end of the day, just hike down to one of the villages and board the train to head off on your next adventure.

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