Don’t have time this summer to bang out a section of the Appalachian Trail or hike the John Muir Trail? Craving a physical challenge while sitting at your air conditioned cubicle this summer? Look no further than New Hampshire. In the White Mountains, one of the more famous day hike challenges is the Pemigewasset Loop- a 31.3 mile trek. The hike covers the alluring Franconia Ridge and the breath-taking, exposed Bondcliff Trail, featuring Mt. Bond and Mt. Bondcliff. There are multiple opportunities to stop and appreciate the surrounding wilderness. Galehead Hut lies directly on the loop, providing a place to relax, refill water and talk with the friendly caretakers. This hike can be completed in all four seasons, but most people generally attempt the loop in the late spring through early fall. Get excited with a photo gallery of my trip on the Pemigewasset Loop this past week!


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