The Petzl TIKKINA headlamp is arguably one of the best low-cost headlamps on the market. For less than $20 you can get a well-built and reliable dual-brightness headlamp that is available in a variety of bright colors. The TIKKINA offers a high mode for general lighting and a proximity mode for up close lighting, making it a great headlamp for the majority of your camping needs. While not the best for finding trail markers on dark nights, this is a great headlamp for around camp and in the tent. The TIKKINA’s reliable qualities make it a perfect headlamp for both use around the house and in the frontcountry.


The TIKKINA weighs in at 86 grams, uses three AAA batteries and has one strong LED to create a flood style beam of light with two modes. The ambient mode produces 20 lumens and has a range of about 20 meters. The proximity lighting outputs 80 lumens with a range of about 35 meters. Petzl claims the TIKKINA can last 120 hours on proximity lighting and 180 hours on ambient mode (longer than most compact headlamps), and after all of our testing we haven’t noticed dimming or any issues with battery life.

Similar to the other headlamps in the TIKKA series, the TIKKINA has only one button. Additionally, it has only two modes, which require a single click to switch between, so no special button presses are required to change the brightness (no press and hold, press then press and hold, double tap, etc). The button is very user friendly, works great with gloves on, and gives a satisfying and very discernable click when pressed. The TIKKINA can also be used with the TIKKA series helmet mount.

This headlamp is great for around camp and around the house activities. While backpacking, I have used the TIKKINA to set up camp, brush my teeth, and read in my sleeping bag among other things. At home, it made fixing the drain in my sink much easier and was helpful for things like adjusting a pair of ski bindings in a dimly lit room.

Overall, this headlamp will get you a great bang for your buck. Even if you already have a headlamp with a bit more power, the TIKKINA is a great option to keep in your car’s glove compartment or as a spare in case your primary headlamp breaks or a friend needs to borrow a light. The TIKKINA even comes with 3 AAA batteries in the packaging, making it incredibly easy to bring along on your next adventure!

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