The East Coast of the United States’ snowpack did not quite produce this winter, forcing backcountry skiers to travel in search of snow. While many chose to fly out West to the Rockies or the Tetons, I made the drive up North to the Chic Chocs up in Canada, where I found blue skies, beautiful scenery, fresh snow and steep, dicey backcountry lines.

While many of the locals up in Quebec’s Gaspésie Peninsula noted that this was a particularly dry snow year, I was nowhere near disappointed. There proved to be plenty of snow on everything we wanted to ski, and even some fresh powder in some of the gullies that clearly hadn’t been skied in weeks. This kind of untracked, adventurous terrain is the beauty of the Chic Chocs. The landscape is never ending, which makes it feel completely isolated and private. However, most of it is easily accessed. With the mountains being at sea level, one doesn’t have to gain much elevation to get above tree-line. The longest approach we did all week was only five kilometers of flat trail to reach Mont Albert, home to some of the more intense lines in the Chic Chocs. Without a doubt, Gaspésie has the best and most beautiful ski touring in the Northeast. Don’t believe me? Check out some photos from the trip here:

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