Aaron Pomerance
Executive Editor, Co-founder
Professional adventurer, writer, a bit of a dreamer
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Ari Schneider
Managing Editor, Co-founder
Outdoorsman, Journalist, Type 2 fun expert.
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Deanna Bessy
Web Developer
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Catherine Armistead
Graphic Designer
Creating balance between structure and spontaneity
Alyssa Rivas
Social Media Editor
Californian runner and tree climbing expert.
Jason Linker
Gear Content Editor
Enginerd with a minor gear fondling addiction.
Colby Sameshima
Director of Community Development
Lover of hiking and connecting individuals. Born and Raised in the 808 state.
Julia Rowe
Lead Software Engineer
I like physics, front-end development and design, horses, cats, and the Swiss Alps.
Eva Sachar
Content Analyst
Lover of the outdoors and music fanatic
Talia Hulkower
Director of Communications
Travelin' and adventurin' globally. Doin' it for the insta.